​​​© 1987-2025, Aurora Borealis, Ltd. & Aurora Borealis Entertainment, Ltd., ABEL, KLM Enterprises, Ltd., Keri-Lynn's Music, Ltd. ASCAP, The House of LaRosa, The Aurora Boutique, et.al. are subsidiaries of Nadine's Enterprises, Ltd.  Keri-Lynn, ABEL & all subsidiaries are Registered Trademarks & are the tangible property of Keri-Lynn & Nadine's Enterprises, Ltd. & Keri-Lynn's Family. All National & International Rights are Reserved.

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Aurora Borealis, Ltd., the label that could and did, along with the rebirth of Aurora Borealis Entertainment, Ltd., is the brainchild of Founder and Singer-Songwriter, Keri-Lynn. ​

Together, we are ABEL.